• How it Works


    Fiscal Sponsorships

    Members who are accepted into our incubator can solicit public donations and apply for foundation grants. We handle all the administrative paperwork with IRS compliance, including disclosures, so members can focus on their programs. More information on fiscal sponsorships can be found through the National Network of Fiscal Sponsors.


    Network & Toolbox

    Our team ensures that members operate their projects effectively and thrive in the fast-changing world. We provide our members with a nationwide network of volunteers, experts and advisors. Through the strategic planning process in the toolbox, we work with you to determine the best structure (nonprofit, social enterprise, Benefit Corp, ect.)



    Through Givsum Inc., you can promote the project mission in a digital marketplace, create opportunities for individuals to donate, volunteer and attend events. Instantly reach new donors on the marketplace and accept funding. (If accepted to the incubator, the project will be required to use the Givsum, Inc. platform for digital transactions.)



    Initial set-up: $500.00

    (or 5% if project raises more than $10,000).


    Social Enterprises: The Givsum Foundation may retain 1-5%.


    Givsum Inc: 1% for donations and 2% for ticket purchases, plus processing fees of 2.9% + $0.30.

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  • Team

    Lindsey Burris

    Givsum Chairperson


    Lindsey Burris is passionate about innovative initiatives that drive positive change in the world and partnering with entrepreneurs whose vision to create the future focuses on the intersection of innovation and social impact. Her career includes the XPRIZE Foundation, the Gen Next Foundation, True Sioux Hope, Givsum, Inc. and the Givsum Foundation. Lindsey attended Pepperdine University and studied in Buenos Aires, Argentina, graduating with a degree in sociology.

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